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Work From Home Employment

Updated on July 17, 2009

So you are looking for work from home employment? Congratulations, that is the first step to actually achieving this elusive (and real) goal. I myself work from home and have no employer looking over my shoulder. This is the ideal way to do it. If you can cut out a boss, the sooner the better I say. Plus, there are so many scams out there that you have to be very wary. But rest assured all is not false.If you're prepared to be disciplined and put in some hard work then working from home employment is a distinct possibility and reality.

In this article we’ll take a broad overview of the entire “work at home” concept and I will share with you the wisdom I have gleaned from bouncing around this fun ball the last couple years.

Not for the faint of heart

Not anyone can pull off this gig. Some people just need a boss looking over their shoulder in order for them to do anything. I understand this. I struggle with my own procrastination tendencies on any given day. Hey, we’re mammals right? We want to lie out in the sun all day absorbing energy and have someone else feed us. Alas, you know what always works to motivate me to maintain my work from home employment? I just remind myself that if I stay idle too long I’ll be forced to go out and pound the pavement and bow down to some fat idiot in a suit who is going to work me to death and pay me the smallest amount he can get away with. (And he won’t hesitate to fire me the second it makes sense to do so.)

So I want you to understand that I feel your pain and I most definitely want to help you achieve the freedom that definitely does come from working at home. The dream is real, folks, thanks to computers. Of course we have all heard the statistics that an ever-increasing percentage of people are doing the so-called “telecommute” thing nowadays. And ever more as time passes. This is, I’m sure, true but what I’d like to talk about is a hundred times better than telecommuting.

Work from home employment opportunities

If you’re going to really make a go of the work from home employment thing then you need to consider working for yourself. The Internet affords essentially infinite opportunities to monetize just about every skill imaginable. From search to sex to salt, someone is making money off of everything online. You have to join us.

Now, when you first get in on this gig, maybe you will have to telecommute or work under someone for awhile. But you really want to free yourself from that. And the best thing is that you can have multiple different at-home jobs going at the same time. For instance you can make money-making sites which you sell ad space on, or you can sell products directly through them. Maybe you have a good eye for the worth of all sorts of items. Good, sell them on eBay. I even once tried to get into Craigslist arbitrage, which basically involves buying low from desperate local sellers and then selling higher local buyers. This business never got off the ground, but I throw it out here. As long as you learn how to promote well, then you can pull off stuff like this. In the end though, I’d rather not deal with physical goods at all. I like legitimate work from home employment that requires the least continued effort.

Just do a bunch of research. It will take a while until things start to click, but once they do (maybe 6 months in) then a light bulb will go on and you’ll realize that there are simple steps you can implement to make money from home. Whether it be working for someone or being the entrepreneur yourself the possibilities are truly infinite. Your family might try to dissuade you so it might be a good idea not to tell them what you’re up to. What you have to do is just study up and figure out a viable path for yourself.

Work from home employment is fun and profitable

That’s right folks, this is just the way to go. It’s so easy once you realize it’s not just a pipe dream. The fact is I know tons of people other than myself who are making at least a so-called “living wage” online. They figured out that work from home employment is not just a scam, and now you are beginning to realize this. Just do me a favor and don’t spill the beans to too many others. We have a good thing going here, so we try not to publicize it too loudly. All I can say is that your little feeling that you can actually figure out a way to make a living (and possibly a nice one) from the comfort of your own living room – this feeling is true and you need to trust it. Your life will become so much better and wide open.


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