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Working Mums Find A New Career

Updated on December 14, 2016

My Life

I am the mother of three and I have just returned to work in London, after my having my last child. This time I decided not to return to my old job and to find a more family friendly career.

Going Back to work

After my first two children, I had kept the same job, but it was difficult to manage being a working mum and a high pressured job. When I started my third pregnancy, I realised that there was no chance that I could continue to work long hours. However, if I was going to change my career, I needed to ensure that I could earn a decent wage in order to pay the mortgage.

I looked at the job market with an open mind. I looked for good salary, reasonable hours and most importantly areas that I could use my transferrable skills. When you are older and looking to change roles, you need to ensure that there is a synergy between the skills required and the work experience you possess.

PA Courses

Becoming a Personal Assistant

I happened to read about becoming a Personal Assistant and an Executive Assistant. The job seemed interesting and I had relevant administrative and Microsoft Office skills. What was most attractive was that the pay was reasonable and the hours could be shorter, if I could find an appropriate role.

My Barrier to Changing Jobs

I failed to pass the recruiters IT and Keyboard test, I suspected my typing was a little bit slow, but the lack of IT skills was a surprise. I realised that the transition into a new career was not to be taken lightly.

Breaking through the Barrier

I found a course which encompassed on the job tuition, with IT and Typing. Within a month, I was through the course and ready to take on job applications.

I was able to get through my third interview and make it to the final stage of the process. I was very happy with the role, as it was at a company not far from where I lived. They allowed me to work from home twice a week, which is a great for my situation. I also can alternate collecting my children from nursery with my husband. Overall, the job is ideal for me and I am glad that I decided to make a career change, as it has been a great fit for the demands of my lifestyle.


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