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How to Write a Yoga Business Plan

Updated on January 29, 2015

Scripting your career plan is basically based on a script, which is a written document that is governed by the power of your imagination. You can write whatever you want, how you want to experience it and feel it and you do not have to follow any guidelines set by someone else.

Imagination is an inherent part of our being. We live our daily lives incorporating imagination into our subconscious mind and our intuitions. When we begin to write a script, our inner being and subconscious mind conveys a message and brings our deep rooted thoughts and feelings to our conscious mind. Our conscious mind then reaches for the words that best describe those feelings. These words are in fact, symbols of those feelings. 

This act of writing out the words, creates a physical experience, which connects our bodies to our imagination. Seeing the words (symbols) that have been written, or hearing them read aloud, anchors the imaginary experience in our subconscious mind.

The written script produces a total body, mind and soul experience. Scripting what we want, accesses and conveys information to all the four parts of the brain:

- The left brain, which deals with words and logic.

- The right brain, which understands patterns and symbols.

- The mid brain, which experiences emotions.

- The brain stem, which registers physical stimulation.

This helps in engaging all the four parts of our brains, which in turn deliver a powerful message to the basic law of attraction, thereby placing the plan on autopilot. If we let go of resistance to this imaginary experience, our subconscious mind will guide us towards its actualization in the easiest and most natural way.

Do we need to know in advance how our script will become our reality? - No.

Once the script has been made and the outcome or the goal has been felt, heard, and imagined in its deepest sense, the Law of Attraction gets activated. If you pay attention to your intuition, or gut feelings, it will guide us to every situation, circumstance, opportunity, or piece of knowledge you need to achieve our goal.

I invite you to write a script about how you want to feel becoming an ideal yoga professional teacher. Close your eyes and go through the exercise I gave above. Imagine how it feels to be interacting with your students and fellow yoga professionals. Are you sitting or standing? What clothes are you wearing? What background sounds do you hear? What is the view outside the room where you are conducting your workshop? Imagine going to the bank with a stack of checks for deposit or viewing your bank account online and feeling that rush of excitement when you see the latest deposits. How does it feel holding those checks?

Below are certain components of a powerful script, which can help you a lot in manifesting your desires of becoming a successful yoga teacher:

1) The objectives should be clear:

- What do you want?

- Why do you want?

- How does it feel having it?

2) Each and every objective should be believable. If going into the specifics of your dream, makes you feel resistant, then pull back and apply generic approach. If it feels better to be specific (about amounts, dates, or details) then stay firm about specifics. Ask yourself, "Do I believe this could happen?"

3) Every objective should be stated in its most positive form. For instance:

- Less positive: "I want at least 12 students for my yoga workshop"

- More positive: "I want 12 students and even more for my yoga workshop"

4) The script must always start with a statement like:

- "If I had my way... “or

- "If I could wave a magic wand..." or

- "If I were in charge, I'd..."

5) You must end the script with a phrase like:

"The Law of Attraction is in the process of orchestrating all I need to know, say, or do so I can easily attract and receive my ideal ___________________________".

This exercise will assist you in letting go of figuring out “how” this will happen and then you will see how the Law of Attraction brings the whole experience to you in the very best possible way.

The other limitation most of the yoga practitioners face is - whether they should charge for their classes or not. And the answer is, if you feel worthy enough of yourself to give positive and extremely beneficial values to the people you intend to teach, then you deserve the reward from it too (in this case - it is money). Once you have overcome the initial fear, and gained confidence in your knowledge and training skills, you can easily overcome this limitation. If you have a feeling that you don’t deserved to be ‘paid’ for what you are giving to others, then probably you are not confident about what you are giving to them. You don’t think that it has enough value, which can come back to you in the form of money.

What exactly is this exchange principle? 

The world we live in today, emerged from what we call as “Energy”. As we might have studied in our primary school science – Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another.

If you emit energy of inner peace, joy, satisfaction and contentment, the same will come back to you from various sources. If you start teaching yoga with fear and anxiety in your mind, the same will come more to you from the students or your contractors or from somewhere else. What lies within you, manifests into your surroundings!


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