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Work vs. Personal Online Life - can you, should you, even try to keep them separate anymore?

Starting this Hubpage; I was torn about what to include. I have very separate work and personal interests, and have used media to keep them that way - Facebook for light, fun stuff, family and friends; Twitter for my heavy social passions, protecting children from abuse (as a child psychologist); LinkedIn for my professional side as a systems specialist working to earn the money to support non-profit kids programs; and blogs where I promote my personal passion writing! Can I, should I, even try to keep them separate - digitally? Is managing lack of privacy better? Or keep 'em separated?


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JustCrafty says

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4 years ago
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    Connie Maria (Connie Hammis) 4 years ago

    Yeah, that seems to be the way things are heading. Maybe the next ap that comes out will truly combine it all.