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The Most Effective & Free Way to Build Internet Traffic

Updated on January 29, 2011

The Best Way to Build & Grow Your Web Traffic

Read on only if you are serious about putting in consistent effort to build web traffic that will keep growing every year.

You won't find advice to buy low ranked backlinks and junk traffic here. What you will find is honest advice on how to build web traffic the right way. The great news is that the Google search engine will approve of all this and send you more search traffic every year.

Learn about Google Search

Isn't it Easier to Just Buy Cheap Traffic & Backlinks for Your Site?

Here are the two major problems with buying tonnes of cheap traffic and backlinks:

  1. Everyone who wants to make easy money online is already involve in this, in fact most of them are the ones selling you the useless backlinks and traffic.
  2. Every major search engine including Google frowns upon the buying of links and traffic is constantly fine-tuning their search algorithms to keep out those sites.

Its tempting to believe that with no extra effort and a small initial investment in backlinks and traffic will give your website a good start. The hard truth is that these backlinks are mostly non-authority sites, and even those sites with high page rank is likely to be banned sooner or later for engaging in the selling of backlinks.

Do you really want your precious site to be associated with these web result spammers?

One of the best advice given to me by a successful web business owner is to be always start by learning all I can about what and how to achieve my goal and to find ways to try out different ways for free. Only after gaining sufficient experience and some initial profits should you even think about investing your hard earned money.

This great advice will make sure your business will always have a positive cashflow and be able to grow steadily in a sustainable manner.

Building Internet Traffic that Grows with You

How you ever thought about how other legitimate sites get their traffic?

Let look at a typical niche website that is started by an individual with some free time on his hands. Read through some of the web pages and you'll notice that it is full of original and useful content.

Even without dedicated keyword research, a writer that is passionate and knowledgeable about his narrow niche topic will naturally create and grow his content that is appealing to both Google search and to other people interested in that same topic. So this type of niche website will naturally attract increasing traffic and legitimate backlinks over time.

Your Web Business Journey Begins

Now that you know what not to do and what to focus on to build your own web traffic that will grow with your internet.

Its time to learn the specific skills you need and take the steps towards building your own web site that may just be the passive income for life that provides for you while you relax by the beach.

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