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How to make a income from home

Updated on August 14, 2015
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I have been working within online marketing for the last 4 years. I like to help fellow marketers to get more success in their businesses.

How to start

There are many ways that you can start making a income from home. A easy way to get started is to have a garage sale where you sell ithems that you no longer want to keep. If you feel that you do not have enough items to sell then you can work together with a friend that also will sell their things at the garage sale. Starting a garage sale means that you really do not need to spend any money,because you can invite neigbours and friends by just talking to them on the street or call them up by phone. You can make simple posters to place out in the neighbourhood,those posters does not need to be very advanced.You could make a simple poster on your computer and pin it at supermarket and at peoples mail boxes. You could also post an add online on free advertising sites. Other ways to make money is to deliver newspapers and advertisements to peoples homes. These are only a few examples that you can use to get started.

Other options

You could also advertise particular skills you have and make money this way. Maybe you are good at languages, then you could offer translation services. If you have knowledge about how to blog professionally, well then you could offer a blogging service and blog for people. You could baby sit your neighbours and friends children and get paid for it as well. If you are a good copywriter,then you could offer this service to online entrepreneurs. Yes as you can see there are plenty of things you can offer to people.

Online methods

There are ways to make money online from home, however if you have never tried to do so,then this may take a while before you get any results. But it is possible to get results if you keep at it so to speak. but you must be focused and be persistent and decide to never quit or give up. You must also be coachable: be willing to learn new skills and be able to take advice and directions.

A quite easy way to start to make money online even if it may take a while before you will see results, is to install a wordpress blog with your own domain name and hosting. Having a wordpress blog with your own hosting is very valuable because you can change the design of it pretty much how ever you want. It is much better to have a blog with your own domain name and hosting, then to use the free wordpress blog. This because with your own domain name you can brand your self as an expert in your niche, and sometimes the domain name can help you rank your content in the search results.

Watch the video below about how ro install your wordpress blog. Once you have set your blog up it is time to find products to promote, and one website that has a lot of those products are Clickbank. At Clickbank you can sign up for free as an affiliate and start to promote a lot of digital products. Clickbank has plenty of products in different niches that you to choose from. You should limit your blog by choosing just one niche to promote Good and popular niches to promote is for instance weightloss and products that will help people to earn money. To some of the clickbanks products there are links to affiliate tool pages from the product seller will be displayed. You should visit that page to access banners and other promotional materials to use at your blog.

If you plan on advertising the products through safelists and solo ads,then it is actually better to write an ad copy of your own if you have enough copy writing skills,because there are so many others that uses the pre made ad copys supplied by the product owners at their afiliate tool pages. You should share a lot of value and information about different news and products within your niche on your blog. If you feel that you do not have enough knowledge about your niche, you can always find information about it by doing a Google search. However,never copy someone elses material. Use what you have learned through your research and put that information into your own words. The knowledge that you now have can be used by you when you set up an autoresponder with a newsletter attached to it.on your blog. Again,share as much value as possible with your subscribers because in the end they might buy the products that you recommend when they trust you. However in the beginning of the follow up series, do not post links to any products. Build up their trust in you as a serious online marketer and a trustworthy person first and share a lot of value.

How to set up your Wordpress blog with your own hosting

Getting readers for your blog

Now you need traffic to build your group of followers and readers. To accomplish this you need to add social sharing buttons to your blog and share every blog post that you post, on multiple social media websites, such as Facebook,Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Sokule .To get more traffic to your blog you should join different online forums for online marketers and put your blog url in the profile,if the forums rules allows it. Share value with the members and help them out as much as possible. The more people you help with differen tproblems they have the bigger are the chances that you will generate free traffic to your blog this way. By submitting articles to ezine directories you can get more free traffic as well.. Share value and give answers to questions that fellow marketers might have, through your articles. Remember that you are not allowed to post links to products or business opportunities in the article body. However you can make a call to action at the resource box beneath the article.In the call to action you should teel the readers why they should contact you,and what knowledge you have that can help them out to be more successful online. Signing up at enzine directories are in most cases free, it will not cost you anything. Another great way that is free when it comes to generating traffic to your blog and inprove its search engine rankings, is getting comments on your blog posts. Therefore join for instance blogging groups on Facebook or other social websites, where members exchange comments and social sharing for the blog posts. Remember to reply back to the comments made on your blog,to show that you care about their possible questions they might have for you. Try to make pretty long responses in your answers to those who have commented on your blog posts, this will benefit the search engine ranking for that post. Good luck!

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