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About BuzzShed

Updated on March 14, 2009


BuzzShed is a community of members who discover and share great videos, and make some money watching video advertising.   As a member you can add videos to BuzzShed, then other members will rate your video using our Buzz or Bury rating system - creating buzz about the videos that really rock, and burying the rest.   So if you're hunting for quality videos, have a look around BuzzShed. The more buzz a video gets the higher it appears on our browse pages, and the top videos are promoted to the front page for all visitors to see.   And now for the twist! BuzzShed is more than just social bookmarking for videos. Some BuzzShed members are in fact advertisers that pay other members to watch their videos. That's right - as a member you'll get paid to watch videos!   These sponsored videos might be about sales or special deals for BuzzShed members, or funny videos that the advertiser hopes you'll share with your friends. Each video will be matched to your profile, so we're pretty sure you'll find each one relevant and interesting.   All you need to do is tell BuzzShed about your lifestyle and interests, and set a minimum payment amount (say 30 cents). Then we'll send you a BuzzClip every time an advertiser adds a video we know you'll be interested in. What's a BuzzClip you ask? Well, it's an email containing a link to a sponsored video - watch it and we'll pay you 30 cents. It's that simple!

When you receive a BuzzClip, click on the link in the email and watch the video. When the video has finished, look next to the video for a yellow window titled 'BuzzClip'. This window will contain a question - answer it correctly and we'll credit your account.   By answering the question you help us to confirm that you actually did watch the video. The answer should become very obvious after the video has finished. For example, in a video containing lots of footage of a black Toyota Hilux, the question might be 'what colour is the Toyota Hilux featured in this video?', and the correct answer would be 'black'.   Every BuzzShed member sets a minimum reward value - the amount you will earn from each BuzzClip. This way you're in control of how many BuzzClips you receive. If you set a low minimum reward value you'll receive more BuzzClips. Conversely, if you set a high minimum value you'll receive fewer BuzzClips.   Either way, if you're too busy to watch the video you can simply delete the email - but you won't get paid!


Advertise with BuzzShed

Create a BuzzShed campaign  

BuzzShed is video promotion tool, used to expose your videos to highly targeted audiences. Anyone using online video as a promotion channel will benefit from a BuzzShed campaign. Their video distribution system allows you to use over 60 demographic filters to identify the most relevant audience for each campaign, reducing cost and isolating your target market.

Why should I use BuzzShed?  

  • Cost effectiveness   BuzzShed campaigns suit advertising budgets from $5 to $50,000. No campaign is too small or too big - you are in complete control of the size and cost of your campaign. If your target market is not in high demand then your cost-per-view may be as low as $0.05.   Furthermore, your videos are viewed by a targeted audience that matches the criteria you specify, so the publicity and traffic you gain is high quality. Consequently, conversion rates are higher with BuzzShed, regardless of whether your campaign is driving sales, signups, or brand promotion.   
  • It gets viral   As your video climbs through BuzzShed's rating system more and more users will view and engage with your video. This can quickly result in exponential growth in the number of times your video is viewed if your video is unique, entertaining, informative or controversial.   
  • It's personal   Our members join BuzzShed with the expectation they will receive targeted promotional videos. They know that your video will be relevant to their wants and needs, based on the information they provide BuzzShed when they join. This means watching your video becomes a more personal experience, like a video presented from a friend, and helps the viewer to appreciate and understand the video content.   
  • The best targeting and market analysis at your service.   BuzzShed gives you control over who will watch your video.   Members answer a number of questions when they join BuzzShed, about their lifestyle, interests, hobbies and purchasing habits. You can anonymously use the responses to these questions as criteria to define a highly targeted audience who will watch your video.   The members of your targeted audience know that the videos they receive will be relevant to them specifically, so they're in active reception mode when watching your video, paying full attention to satisfy their interest.   
  • Attract, don't interrupt   In traditional forms of mass media advertising - on television, radio, newspapers and magazines - you need to interrupt consumers to communicate your advertising message. People are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of advertisements every day, and as the number of advertising messages grow, advertising by interruption becomes less and less effective.   With BuzzShed people watch your video in their own time, in a different mindset. Your advertisement is no longer a distraction, but an attraction on which people can focus their attention. This means your video content stands out from the thousands of advertising messages people are exposed to.   
  • Connect with online audiences   BuzzShed provides a new channel to communicate advertising messages to a demographic that is becoming increasingly difficult to connect with through traditional media.   As your customers spend more and more time online, traditional media becomes redundant, and non-rich online advertising becomes less effective.   BuzzShed provides a channel to deliver a content rich message to your target audience.  

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