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Updated on September 10, 2009


Make money working online
Make money working online


Can you really make money online? Absolutely! Some people are making a very good living working with the Internet.

Before you start, however, ample time needs to be spent researching and learning proven methods. Learn from the errors of others and you'll be ahead of the game from the beginning.

Once you decide what product(s) or information you will sell, you need to learn how to let people know about you.

Your storefront should be a well-planned website. But simply building it doesn't mean they will come. It must be well-advertised on the web.

Several methods are used to get your Internet business known. Some of these are writing blogs and posting them in hubpages, squidoo, and other blog sites. Publishing articles to directories and writing news releases are other proven approaches.

First-time lookers to your site are not always buyers. In order to get them to return, you need a mailing list where they have the opportunity to opt-in. They have then agreed to allow you to forward to them, more messages about your business. By keeping in touch with these potential buyers, chances are good that they will eventually make a purchase from you.

By setting up an autoresponder on your site, contacting clients is made easier by keeping people informed. Care should be taken, however, to insure you are not seen as a spammer. Search engines and blog sites are on the lookout for spam. If you appear to be attacking people on your list by emailing them too frequently, they also might report you.

Though you won't see instant rewards, be patient..It takes time. This is especially true if you've decided to do affiliate marketing. You will need to do a lot of advertising as you are up against a very competitive and growing way of merchandising.

Yes, you really can make money online and here's some more free information.  Hang in there and don't quit!


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