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Wearing Steel Toe Boots?

Updated on October 25, 2013

The Most Comfortable Work Boots Is What You Want

I finally found a comfortable pair of work boots. Are you like I was, getting annoyed buying work boots. Some are uncomfortable to wear right out of the box. Others are good at first, but a few months later they are no longer comfortable. How about ones that feel good on your feet, but are so heavy your legs are tired at the end of the day?

Another time I found a pair that were really comfortable when I walked around the store. Unfortunately when I wore them at work I found out those "anti-slip shoes" aren't so anti-slip. When I tried walking around on the shop floor I was like Bambi walking on the ice, slipping and sliding all over the place.

Then someone told me about a brand that I hadn't heard of before. I gave them a try to found the most comfortable steel toe boots I have ever worn. They are light weight, anti-slip, and they look good. Read on and you'll have a comfortable pair too!

Image by: Whatsittoyou

Blundstone Boots


Blundstone 163 Men's Safety Toe PR Pull-On Shoe Black 8 US / 7 AU
Blundstone 163 Men's Safety Toe PR Pull-On Shoe Black 8 US / 7 AU

This is the model that I bought, except mine are a different color. My color is called crazy horse brown. This has been named 'the station boot". They are recommended and approved to be worn around the fire station.


Blundstone - Work boots that are actually comfortable

Having worked in a factory environment now for almost 20 years I must have tried at least 20 different pairs of work boots. The companies that I have worked for have all provided a once per year payment towards purchasing work boots.

I have found I am always hoping for the year to be up so I can buy new work boots. Sometimes I couldn't take it that long, the boots were so bad I spent my own money to get a new pair. Worse than that I find with almost every pair I have to keep my old work boots on hand until I break in the new work boots.

After all this time, I was still searching for a comfortable pair of safety boots. I noticed quite a few people around my workplace started wearing a pair of safety shoes that were available on the truck that sells them to us right where I work. I started asking these people about the shoes. They all talked about them being comfortable and light weight.

So the next time the truck came I bought a pair. So did one of the guys I work with in my department. Sure enough they were light and seemed comfortable when trying them out. However within a week my feet were sore and my back hurt. I saw the guy who bought his at the same time and he said his knees were bothering him. While we were commiserating, a guy from the maintenance department heard us and told us about Blundstone boots.

His wife is an EMT and she had told him about Blundstone safety boots. They were the kind that all the E.M.T.'s, police officers, and firefighters wear. So he went out and bought a pair for himself. He said that from now on that was the only kind he would buy.

I hadn't heard of that brand before so I looked up Blundstone online. The company has been around a long time and are they are know for being very light weight. I had to do a search to find where I could buy a pair. I found out they were available on Amazon and EBay. As soon as my yearly work boot payment was available I bought a pair of Blundstone safety boots.

They came with an extra pair of foot beds to ensure comfort and fit. They are an easy pull on boot and fit like a glove. This was the first pair of work boots I have been able to wear all day, every day, right out of the box. They did not hurt so I didn't have to put on my old work boots, while the new ones were getting broken in.

My Blundstone Work Boots

Image by: Whatsittoyou

We have started continental shifts which means 12 hour work days and I still don't have problems with my legs feeling tired or my back being sore. The other thing I find great about them is that I feel safe walking around our shop floor. It can be really slippery where I work but with these boots I have not had any problems with traction.

I already know which boots I will be buying next time.


Good Work Socks

Another important part to being comfortable is having a good pair of socks. The wrong material can make your feet get really hot. If you wear really thin socks than you will feel any defect in your work boots.

When I first started working in a factory, I used to wear my regular socks, but I found the toes would get holes in them very easily. Sometimes I would only get to wear the socks once and they would already have a hole in the toe by the end of the day.

Since I switched to the socks listed below, my socks have held up much better. They now last for months, if not years. My feet don't get as hot and therefore they sweat less.

Nike Dri-FIT Half-Cushion Crew Socks (Large, White/Black/Navy)
Nike Dri-FIT Half-Cushion Crew Socks (Large, White/Black/Navy)

These go about half way up your leg. Should be okay with any shoe and lower cut boots.


Do You Have a Pair of Blundstone Boots?

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    • Rosanna Grace profile image

      Rosanna Grace 

      6 years ago

      Yes and I love them.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Bought mine a few years ago and they are still kickin. I'm with you, if they ever die I'll buy another pair.


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