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Men's Guide to Women's Fashion: Boots Edition

Updated on February 15, 2015
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Jeannie has been writing for HubPages for over 5 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—anything from hamsters to office work.


Boots and the Women That Love Them

You may have noticed boots are the "in" thing going and have been for quite some time. This is especially the case during the colder seasons. I've even seen a few women break out the boots even when it is too hot. I file that in the same category as people wearing shorts and t-shirts out in public when it is 10 degrees outside. Just stick to the season, people!

For you guys, you may be wondering why some women go crazy over boots. Perhaps you even have a wife or girlfriend that obsesses over having the perfect boots for any moment. Since I am a female that loves boots, I am here to help you understand the reasons why women love boots and what us gals are talking about when we use certain terms.

Reasons Why Boots Are So Loved

Mind you, I realize all women are different and we enjoy boots for different reasons. However, there are some pretty basic reasons why many women do love boots. For you guys that are tired of shoe shopping for boots, please have a little patience. Here are some reasons women love them:

A) It's cold outside. It is a pretty basic need. Some gals are just freezing and need to stay warm.

B) It is fashionable. Now, I've never been one to do something just to be in style, but if you like something that is in style, why not embrace it?

C) Some boots are comfortable. Have you ever worn Uggs or a low-budget version of them? It is like having a bunch of small, warm, furry animals snuggling your feet all day. Yeah, I know you are jealous now.

D) Some boots are sexy. It has been my experience for every woman that loves boots, there is a man that is equally in love with watching women wear boots.


Most Popular Boots You See Women Wearing

So now that we've established most women enjoy wearing boots, let's talk about the type of boots you are likely to see women wearing.

Riding Boots

Riding boots - they are not just for riding horses anymore! Riding boots are tall, tight boots that go to your knees. Typically they do not have high heels, which is what makes them so comfortable. In general, they are worn best with leggings, skirts, or dresses. There was a time when women did not wear that type of thing to work, but I've seen some women manage to dress up their riding boots with a nice skirt and blazer. As long as the whole thing matches, it usually works out OK.

Uggs or "Fuggs" (fake Uggs)

Uggs are technically a brand, but people often use that term to describe the sheepskin, fuzzy boots that you often see women wearing. There was a time when we were told Uggs were out of style. Funny thing is, women revolted and we all refused to listen to it. Uggs are warm, fuzzy, and wonderful. They are like walking on clouds. You can't expect women just to give that up without a fight. So here we are years later... everyone I know that ever wore Uggs or fake version of them are STILL wearing them. Good luck prying those things off our feet... even if guys and trendy folks hate them.

Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Boots

Even if you don't live in Texas, you can still wear cowgirl boots. Women like to wear them with skinny jeans. They are even more delightful if you find a pair with some cute patterns stitched into them. Guys, don't judge the ladies when they wear cowgirl boots to the mall and not the ranch. The cowgirl look is in style right now and many gals from a variety of backgrounds are enjoying the look.

Rain Boots

Yeah, who would have guessed a practical look like rain boots would be stylish, but they are cool in a big way now. When it comes to rain boots, the brighter and more ridiculous, the better! I currently have leopard print rain boots, but in the past, I did have white and black plaid. As far as I can tell, there is no such thing as too outrageous when it comes to rain boots. So don't worry, guys. Just because our boots might look a little outlandish does not mean it is not a good look. Look around at some other gals, and you might find that many women are wearing rain boots, not just to keep our feet dry, but to look stylish as well.


I hope this hub helps you guys that are walking through a sea of discarded boots in your living room or bedroom. Sure, you may be married or dating a gal that has one pair of boots and she is perfectly content with them. But if your lady has 20 pairs, I hope you have a better understanding why she does. There are just so many styles, colors, and uses I have not even been able to cover in this hub.

If you still can't get on board with the look, maybe one day when no one is around, check out some of the larger sizes of Uggs at a store and try a pair on. Once you do, you will completely understand.

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