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Common Assumptions of A Work at Home Mom.

Updated on March 10, 2011

When one decides to be a work at home mom one envisions the thought of being able to spend more time with your friends and family. However at times this notion is challenged when one needs to get work done and is two minds on which one to concentrate on- the family or work?.

In contrary to popular belief, many people assume that a Work at Home mom has plenty of time and can act like a lady of leisure at home. This is far from the truth as there are more deadlines and shorter exclusive time which you can use to focus on your work.

Here are some common assumptions which most people have about a Work At Home Mom.

  • Friends and relatives think that if they drop by unannounced/announced you should be able to set aside your "work" and entertain them.
  • Your work schedule is flexible hence you should be able to accommodate disruptions interchanges to your routine.
  • You aren't "actually" working but just pursuing some sort of a hobby which doesn't really need to take up so much of your time.

This is far from the truth as by working at home you are just as busy or even more busy then anyone else who works outside the house. Many a time Work from Home Moms need to sacrifice their sleep just to be able to complete both housework and client work.

Work at Home Moms need to be firm.

It is essential as a mompreneur for one to firmly adhere to the work schedule you set for yourself. If you work requires you to do teleconferencing or other interactions with your clients. it would be important for you to block of certain amount of time per workday so that you are able to complete your work on time.

Saying No is not something bad.

Do let your friends and relatives know that it is impolite to drop in unannounced and that you may not be able to entertain them if they do so. If you are disrupted in your work it may take you twice or even longer and it would be taking a toll on you being productive at work.

On the other hand also do let your clients know your working hours so that they do not invade into your own personal or family time. It would be disastrous if you are to spend so many hours working with clients that you have even lesser time to be with your family.

Focusing on work is important but it shouldn't be the main priority as the main reason why as a mom you opted to stay at home is to be able to focus firstly on the growth and nurturing of your child.

Set a schedule for everything

We only have 24 hours a day to play with. Minus of the time we need to set aside for much needed sleep and rest we are only left with about 15 hours which we can manipulate. Subtract off the time we need to care for our children and run errands there is practically only 4 to 6 hours which we can fully concentrate on our home business. This is really much lesser time for Work as compared to a regular 9 -to-5 job.

Working from Home needs lots of discipline as we need to be able to resist the temptation of sneaking off for a coffee with friends during the afternoons or an afternoon out shopping with the kids. There can be 101 tasks and disruptions which we can face daily.

However we focused goals and a following your set schedule it will definitely help others understand the importance of your work at home and find an acceptable work life balance.

Get A Support Group

It will definitely give you a morale booster and aid you in your networking if you are part of a support group. It will speed up your networking and get you started off on the right foot.


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