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How to Get a CSCS Card

Updated on December 1, 2017
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Job Security For Construction Workers With The CSCS Profile Route

The problem for construction workers: You need a CSCS Card but need to be in work to acquire the necessary qualification to get one. Does this sound like a familiar problem? With the shortage of jobs in the UK nowadays, competition is ever higher and job security is lower. With recent UK legislation and the added awareness of health and safety at work, it has made the acquisition of this card a necessity. Yet for many site managers and site supervisors in the construction industry, they have loads of experience and construction skills under their belt. Do they really have to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of gaining their NVQ in order to acquire the necessary CSCS Card- and what about those who are at present out of work? How can they provide the necessary evidence when they aren't on site in a setting? These are the all-too-familiar questions for site managers and here is the answer:

All construction workers want a simple, affordable answer to their questions and the CSCS Profiling Route provides just that! Read on to discover how simple and accessible this solution is for you!

What Is CSCS?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme

The CSCS card is the proof of occupational competence that employers require in the construction industry, covering many hundreds of occupations. In order to attain this card, you need to be qualified and take the appropriate safety test. Whatever you do, there will be a card for you.

Are You A Site Manager Or Site Supervisor? - But don't know where to start

Do you need a CSCS Card?

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RivaSure has a no nonsense approach which saved me a fortune. William is totally committed to the task ahead and always displays the 'Can Do'

— John K, Director, YJL Construction Ltd

The CSCS Profile Route Is The Fast, Easy, Affordable Way

To Get Your CSCS Card

Whether you are needing this vital qualification whilst already in work or in order to get back to work, this new CSCS Profile Route Scheme for Site Managers and Supervisors will get you your card.

6 Reasons Why This CSCS Profile Route - Could Be For You-

  1. It helps you get back to work if you are unemployed and secures the future of your present job.
  2. It provides you with expert advice and assistance all the way through the process, from application to completion.
  3. It removes stress and worry from the whole task of attaining your card.
  4. Provides on-hand coaching of writing skills if required.
  5. Much lower costs compared to the NVQ route with easy payments.
  6. Instills confidence in you as a competent site manager or supervisor.

I am utterly amazed by the professionalism, efficiency and expert guidance received from both William and Andrew at Rivasure.

— Daniel E, Exeter

From One Site Manager To Another - At Rivasure William Simpson BA(Hons), ICIOB, A.ILD

I can honestly say that without William and Andrews help I do not know where I would be in relation to holding a current card. They helped me out and they could help out anyone out there that wishes to obtain their own cards.

— Graham D, Belvedere, Kent

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