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Fuzzy on the job

Updated on January 2, 2015

a short story

Doing his job was nothing new to my therapy cat. He knows when I say, ":Mommy and me time" it is time for him to be more than the beautiful. black cat that he is. He knows that something is bothering Mommy, me, Lynn. He comes like a big ball of fur and lets me hold him. I hold him with his head under my chin and he listens to my heart beat and I tell him what has Mommy upset. He listens so sweet and lets me stroke his long black fur. We can sit like this for hours or until he hears my heart rate go down. He is only doing his job. He doesn't allow anyone to bother him when he is working.

He works so hard taking care of my husband and me. He knows that when Nick my husband, rattles his med case that he becomes Fuzzy the med cat. He gets treats for every time he helps Nick take his meds or even reminds him at times but a nip of the finger to remind him it is time. Fuzzy the med cat does the same for me..

People have found it hard to believe we could have a cat so smart. Fuzzy is always ready for his job. He knows coughing can not be good so ball of black fur wakes me or my husband if we cough.


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