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Updated on February 6, 2010

Ebid New Logo

The New Ebid Logo.
The New Ebid Logo.

Ebid is a well established online auction site, and a great alternaive to ebay.

Ebid has just recently finished a lovely new site upgrade, with a nicer interface, and color scheme. Ebid is much easier to use now, and faster.

It does offer a number of payment options including paypal.

I use ebid regularly, and it is definatly alot nice to use than ebay.

Ebid feels like a comfortable place to come and do some deals. It isn't filled with tons of rubbish, everybody is a committed seller. I see alot of people stopping by, and then they only purchase one order, and then their name shows marked out a couple of months down the line.
Its like people only use it once or twice, but with more joining everyday its getting even better.

One of the great features of ebid, is their easy to use CSV template and upload section.
Along with alot of alternative ebay websites, the csv file sometimes has to be broken into less than 500 or 1000 row, if your stock inventory is bigger than that for your online store.

There is a great program, click here, and its a freeware csv splitter. It will split a csv file up into chunks of the amount of rows you set. Works instantly and is free.

Click See Ebid Worldwide Links

Click below to sell where you can join ebid from, and be part of this growing alternative to ebay in the Uk, and worldwide.

Ebid Selling Locations
Ebid Selling Locations

Ebid Fees

Ebid is free to list as many items as you want.

You pay fees only after your item sells, and if you want to reduce your closing fees even more then the cost of the free final value fees will appeal to any online seller for the price of $49.49 in the UK. This is a lifetime membership with the following benefits.

Free T-shirt
Zero Listing Fees
Zero Final Value Fees
5 Free Photos
5 Free eBid Stores
Uploads to Google Shopping
Import from eBay
Unlimited Listings For Life.


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    • profile image

      grantgrace 5 years ago

      How does the traffic compare to ebay, Close? growing, ebay is quickly losing my trust

    • artifactsofmars profile image

      artifactsofmars 6 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I have been watching Ebids and thinking of joining.

    • profile image

      ceebee 7 years ago

      I like ebid.