Nationalization Vs. Privatization--Merits/demerits,in Indian contexts

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    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    Hub Pages is a platform to interact globally and first and third world can easily get connected.Though Globalization is in full swing here, I am retired blue collar worker(blue collar worker is specie on extinct) Please allow me to vent my feelings.
    Developed economies in EU have mixed of public and private sector, success and failure both.India's case is different, We can not close public sector and allow private sector to flourish.Employment is a part of Human development  and livelihood here.Our mixed economy under democratic regime is doing well,over the period public sector developed faults burdens, overheads, so practical way we partly privatized, listed in stock market.Lobbies claim, private sector is efficient, i disagree, my experience is totally different, they robbed money of shareholders, depositors, few of them have merit.In EU advanced economies experimented well,
    nationalization to privatization and privatization to nationalization. India can not afford to follow
    For shareholders rights and protection Government set up Institution(SEBI) why? private sector failed on promises,lack of transparency, Enron power utility US company failed in India for wrong
    Unless laws and regulation private sector in India would  never perform, will take investor for ride.
    comments welcome