Advertisments on TV (before and after?)

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    CeciGarcia13posted 5 years ago

    So many commercials on tv have such false advertising now adays. Before and after shots show no where near enough proof that  these products actually do work. Example: hair treatment; said product is supposed to make your hair moist, smoother, more volume and etc. here comes the before shot. This picture is a head shot with hair that is not styled or even brushed. The after shot is of course the same person and hair but now, the hair is brushed and styled. Does anyone see where i'm coming from? Why not show the before picture with the hair brushed and styled and the after shot styled the same. This way viewers can actually say, "hmmm, his/her hair does look different." and the "best" part is they use celebrities to persuade people to buy the product. Just makes no sense.