Working While Black, Latino, Asian, and/or of Color

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago
    In the professional and corporate world, Black, Latino, Asian, and other non-Caucasian people have to be twice and/or thrice as good in order to exist and succeed in the work environment.    Black, Latino, Asian, and other non-Caucasian employees, managers, and executives must be on and as perfect and/or as near perfect as possible in order to set an example and to make it easier for other Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and other non-Caucasians to enter such environments.   

    Yes, racism is alive and well, Virginia.   Yes, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and other non-Caucasians must be totally punctilious, dot their Is, and watch their Ps and Qs.  They cannot get away with things that their Caucasian counterparts can get away with.   For example, you are a Latino employee and you return from lunch 20 minutes late, you are called in and severely reprimanded by your superior.   However, a Caucasian employee returns 40 minutes late and nothing is said.  In fact, her superior, YOUR superior, tells her it is alright and she is treated with kid gloves.     

    Black, Latino, Asian, and non-Caucasian employees, managers, and/or executives who fall from grace will have their credibility and reputation besmirched or worse.   Oftentimes, conditions are created for such employees which will eventually result in their termination.   Yes, they are given conditions so psychologically and emotionally horrendous that they are in a Catch-22 situation.   Yes, working while Black, Latino, Asian, and/or of Color in the United States is oftentimes with its peril.   You constantly have to prove you are worthy of note.   Sometimes your blood sweat, and tears do not come to fruition and/or you are oftentimes bypassed for plumb opportunities and many time a kick in the a****,   Remember, the adage many Blackl, Latino, Asian, and other non-European parents tell their children that they have to be better than excellent to succeed.    Do you agree with this premise?  Why?  Why not?  If you have such experiences, you can relate them on this post.