What is benefits of Name Badges?

  1. Horatio Plot profile image83
    Horatio Plotposted 4 years ago

    Hi Harry,
    Here is a list that shows how useful Name Badges really are:
    1. They take away the fear of being called by the wrong name. For example, being called Colin when your name is Rodney, or Susan when your name is Sally.
    2. They completely remove the anxiety that some people will think you have no name at all.
    3. Once people have a Name Badge, they now have a name and a face, that is a name to go with their face, which apart from coming in extremely useful, lets people say to you, "It's so nice to put a name to the face" (or the other way round, I forget).
    4. They allow people to introduce themselves to you by simply saying your name rather than having to waste a load of effort asking you what your name is, thus saving time. In large organisations the amount of time saved in this manner when added together over a year, can be as much as 2,080 hours which is equivalent to one employee at 40 hours a week.
    Which allows the boss to sack somebody.
    5. Where the Name Badge also identifies a person's position within the organisation it acts as a social and class indicator and can be used to allow the individual access to the best parking spaces or to jump the queue in the canteen by a simple wave of the badge.
    6. In the same manner it also facilitates the easy identification of lowly employees for the express purpose of  ripping the piss out of them.
    7.  Name Badges with first names only provide a sense of carefree comfort that allow the employee to feel more relaxed, letting them concentrate more on why they there.
    8. They same is true of Name Badges that utilize nicknames, such as "Bunny", "Catfish" or "Bad Motha".
    8. It allows you to avoid certain individuals more easily.