What would you do if you hit the PowerBall?

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    FloatingThoughtsposted 4 years ago

    It's something we've all dreamt about, one week or another. Hitting the millions. Getting handed that big check, with your name written on it in pretty, big letters. Getting your picture taken, all smiles, while us, yes us. Are sitting on the couch just wondering, what would I do? Get a shiny convertible? For me it'd be a Nissan 350z. Buy a house? I already have about 15 picked out. Pay all of your debts? I have sold my soul to student loans. But I shall stop my self at the pit of selfishness. After all, I do have family. I do indeed have parents who have wiped my pooper (ha, yes pooper) since I was a young grasshopper. Of course they'll be the first. I've even promised myself that living in New Jersey, I'd sit at the parkway entrances paying the tolls for people. Lets not get carried away? No, I promise. If one day you find someone paying your tolls in New Jersey, that would be moi. But then I catch myself thinking too much, and you DO have to be in it to win it. I didn't play the numbers today. But I will tomorrow! One day, ONE DAY. I think it'd be very much appreciative if I even won 100. But what would you do? Buy a house on the country side? Buy beach homes? A condo? Nothing? Save it for retirement? Hell, you could retire right now. I would buy dozens of crabs and then pay someone $100 an hour just to crack them open. That's lazy. I'm just kidding about that one, I love crackin' my own crabs. But it's nice to think about, eh? Nice to fantasize once in a while. Or a few times a week. I mean really, how much money does one spend before actually winning a nice sum? I'm talking about, at least 10,000-20,000? Probably thousands. Work is like winning the millions right? You work to get. The lottery, you spend to win. Ah, floating thoughts. Hopefully someone out there, reading this wins something, someday. I hope so. It's all starting to seem like a miracle.

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      Brenda Durhamposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Well,  it's nice that you're thinking about others as well as yourself!

      I hope I would do that too.
      I'd pay off all my debts and yes have the perfect (for me, perfect anyway) house,  and I'd be able to buy things for my kids and grandkids that I'm not able to now,  plus help strangers when I had the opportunity.
      I'd also love to take a trip to the Holy Land.    But (sigh).......I don't think money can buy non-motionsickness...........

      Suffice it to say, though, that I wouldn't have much trouble spending the money if I won it.
      But hey again........ya gotta play to win, and I haven't bought a lottery ticket in "forever"..........

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        Silverspeederposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        I would be a changed man. (Full stop)

        I read the odds of winning big on the UK lottery are 192.000.000/1. I patiently wait my turn.