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    nirvana-dystopiaposted 3 years ago

    Tonight, I am working the graveyard shift at the hotel I work at. I am a front desk agent, so of course I see everything. This is the second night that I will be working this shift and I am falling in love.
    Of course it has its major downsides including almost losing control and falling asleep, smoking way more than normal, and hitting insanity when it is 3:40 am and it is completely dead in the lobby.
    Besides that, I have actually found many things I enjoy about being up when almost everyone is asleep.
    1. The people who are awake are freaks, weirdos, prostitutes, and pimps. Not that I condone prostitution, but it is quite interesting and is an amazing learning experience to have to interact with these people. Considering I live in houston and work by highway 6, pimps and prostitutes are not a rare sighting.
    2. I can get SO much school work done. I have done more studying in the first night at work during the graveyard shift than I have the past two weeks. You have to stay awake, so it's much easier to study because there isn't that much to do.
    3. I get a lot of time to myself which can be awful or it can be amazing. I've thought about who I am and what I can accomplish in life....i NEVER think about that stuff. I'm so much more of a "in the present" type of person.
    I guess that's about it.

    Ill write later tonight when I'm halfway dead.