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    EmpowerTwinsposted 3 years ago

    Marketing is a way of wealth and we should all know that. Think about it if you exchange time for money how can you build your wealth? You will never catch up if your always exchanging your time for money. You should be Marketing and selling high ticket items to get above the game. I used to have a day job making a thousand bucks every two weeks. If I was i was in a network marketing company selling thousand dollar products every week I'm getting ahead of the game.

    So think about it invest in your education to make the money you desire.

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      Sed-meposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Empower Twins, activate!
      Form of, a pot of gold.
      Shape of, a 2 dollar bill!

      Are you selling something or are we just s'posed to be thinking?