European Culture--materialism--merits and demerits-ability to survive

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    pramodgokhaleposted 2 years ago

    I am an Indian and always fascinated and thrilled by European journey from medieval time to modern time.
    Though it took centuries to claim many advances in science and technologies but efforts and hard work delivered.Darwin, Newton , Crusoe, their dedication benefited world. Europe gifted great inventions and discoveries to world.
    I think this is because of Materialism.India is known for spiritualism  but lost in the race due to dark age.Latest , Solar powered aircraft made by Swedish engineers and landed in India and on way to Pacific.
    USA and Japan are also in race and now India and China.I found entire continent Europe Eastern and Western , both are equally ahead in science. Poland and Hungary produced scientist like Mary Curie
    (Nobel award two times)
    Community mindset and governance and civilian society are the factors which decides fate of a nation.
    In 18 th century European discovered new continents and conquered Asia and Africa and empires had been built and so looting and plundering.
    After WW II Europe was rebuilt and proved it's live culture able to create again and again.
    What should be the lesson for India and China ?