$54,000/year - Census Office Mgr in Battle Creek - HS Diploma

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    Patty Inglish, MSposted 8 years ago

    I have no connection with this employer, which is the US Govt. I hope this helps friends in Michigan. Thanks!

    Just posted on May 7, 2009

    US CENSUS BUREAU: 2010 Decennial Census Count
    Apply only with instructions at http://www.census.gov/detroit

    Job title:  Local Census Office Manager; Full-time Temp.   
    Salary:  From $ 54262.00 To $ 54262.00 per year.   
    Benefits:  paid sick leave, paid vacation   

      Job description:  The position manages staff and resources to carry-out office and/or field procedures; to direct and control all operational functions, resources, personnel; and implements a team-based environment to lead a temporary staff of office and field employees through multiple levels on accomplishing production goals and quality standards of enumerating all of the residences in the 2010 Census area of operation. The position must build strong local support for the Census by establishing effective relationships with local community-based and volunteer organizations and/or governments, and marketing the Census message to local media outlets (may include interviewing with these outlets). The position will also include developing and making presentations, adapting the presentation to the specific audience, and speaking extemporaneously to a variety of audiences. This position will analyze office production operations and seek to eliminate bottlenecks and impediments to efficiency. Incumbent must analyze analytical and anecdotal information to develop systems for an efficient office operation supporting field activities.   

    This job requires a high school diploma and less than 1 years of experience.   

    This job has some special requirements. You must pass an employment test and undergo a reference or security check.