Where is my order?

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    praisemeposted 8 years ago

    Where is my order?

    I placed an order for one set of 6 tops plus an additional set of 6 tops for free.  I placed this order over a month ago......where is my order?

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    okrogerposted 6 years ago

    You place an order for 6 tops where am just now seeing this on
    5 /3/2011.

    The order can't be with me because 20 months is to long ,my hub have only been up for 5 months.I hope
    others that read this can see that someone is looking for something for nothing,sorry to those wishing to order form the stores we have available. Please order what you need and if any problems contact me and I'll get on the store's management for a refund to you if you wish or the items shipped to your door. Email:quikegoldroger@gmail.com