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What are some real work from home jobs?

  1. Mrs. Truth profile image49
    Mrs. Truthposted 8 years ago

    What are some real work from home jobs?

  2. pendell2 profile image62
    pendell2posted 8 years ago

    A neighbor is a medical transcripitionist. She worked from home for years and was recently laid off, proving working at home can have the same risks as all others.

         A friend has worked as a mystery shopper and also as an independent contractor attending to retail displays. Both are legitimate, reliable sources of income but provide limited earning potential.

         In this era of non-cooking, another friend prepares home-cooked meals and sells them to friends and neighbors. There must be a lot of demand for this, as she has had a business doing this for quite some time and is a mediocre cook.

          This same person also works as an independent sales rep for several retailers.  This requires a lot of time and effort, and an extensive network of friends and acquaintances, but can work given time, effort, and salesmanship.

  3. GL Bell profile image54
    GL Bellposted 8 years ago

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    Good luck in your search,
    GL Bell

  4. mintinfo profile image76
    mintinfoposted 8 years ago

    An increasing amount of people who have lost their jobs due to the recent financial crisis have turned to consulting. Depending on your profession you maybe able to do book keeping, financial planning, etc from home.

  5. gl0bal_experts profile image58
    gl0bal_expertsposted 7 years ago

    The best online job site that I know is oDesk in my experience. I've tried to work on other sites but they turned out to be scams. oDesk also offers guaranteed pay for hourly rate jobs and it's free to join. No monthly fees will be charged to you since they will be charging the employers not contractors.

    I've been working at oDesk fulltime for a year now. So far so good... I'm earning more than what I earned from my office job. smile I'm earning at least $300 per week and I know a lot of people who earn more than what I do.

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