Are there any real work from home jobs,not Internet scams? I have tried a lot an

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  1. RVDaniels profile image63
    RVDanielsposted 15 years ago

    Are there any real work from home jobs,not Internet scams? I have tried a lot and never made any money yet.
    Ronnie Daniels

  2. Triplet Mom profile image67
    Triplet Momposted 15 years ago

    Today many people are looking for work at home job opportunities. This can be very difficult since many work from home jobs are actually scams. How can you avoid the scams and what are real work from home jobs. read more

  3. babedoll50 profile image59
    babedoll50posted 14 years ago

    Your answer is actually right in the question.  You say "I have tried a lot"  that is the problem.  Yes there are a lot of scams but there are very good opportunities.  It just seems that so many people jump from program to program and never give it enough time.

    For the beginner I dont reccomend MLM but rather affiliate marketing.  There are so many things you can do with affiliate marketing and you can start with absolutely no money or you can invest a little money in a few things but thats totally up to you.

    My hubbie and his partner do quite well with affiliate marketing.  One point I will give you is think outside the box.

  4. renee22093 profile image60
    renee22093posted 14 years ago

    If you take a look at my hubs, they may help to answer your questions. One is about what to look out for as far as being scammed and the other talks about affiliate program opportunities.

  5. guidebaba profile image56
    guidebabaposted 14 years ago

    Yes there are some real and legitimate online work from home jobs to make money. It is true that there are lots of scam but not all internet jobs are scam. I have already written a hub on this: … -from-home

  6. profile image0
    masmasikaposted 14 years ago

    Hi, this is masmasika.  I was like that too when I started.  It took me almost one year before I was able to earn more that $100 from my articles in Helium.  So far this is the only site that I am earning now.  I am earning more than $200 from Helium monthly.  Read my two hubs about Helium.  It might help you.

  7. Uninvited Writer profile image78
    Uninvited Writerposted 14 years ago

    Or, instead of reading rzfp786's hub, you could read the original article that it was copied from … scams.html

  8. Nero1234 profile image59
    Nero1234posted 14 years ago

    It depends. The secret is to find something that makes some money and replicate it in a hot market - this is the only way I have ever made good money. Everything else just takes focus and work.

  9. profile image0
    R Wyndhamposted 14 years ago

    Please see my hubpage for more information: … -From-Home

    Hopefully this provides you with what you're looking for!

  10. Ron Mariano profile image60
    Ron Marianoposted 14 years ago

    I'm sure there are some real work-from-home jobs. However, people really have to do their research. The legitimacy and credibility of the company really matter. Actually, call the company just to check on them. Do a little background check and ask a lot of people online or within a circle of friends. Unfortunately, there are so many work-from-home scams. Maybe about 98% of all internet advertisement regarding work-from-home are all scams. We all have to be careful with these programs.

  11. monEmaker profile image57
    monEmakerposted 14 years ago

    a good way to make money online is
    It truly will help you. No fees free must be 13+
    read my hub and start making 1000+ a month,this is what has worked for me I've made over 13,000 A year doing nothing, and I may add I'm only 15

  12. Alicia8657 profile image60
    Alicia8657posted 14 years ago

    yes there are. I do frebie trading and make good money from it. you should try it out its free.

    *This is not my referral link.

    I make about $50 a day. Some days I might not make anything some days I might make more. But its the only legit program I have found.

    I also love writing articles for money. Check out associated content and obolou, mint articles and of course Hub pages.

  13. Stayathomejobs profile image46
    Stayathomejobsposted 14 years ago

    I agree with you about that.  I have found that you have to put your own spin on things to make money.

  14. adayatech profile image59
    adayatechposted 14 years ago

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of work from home scams on the internet. If you can afford the start up costs, consider starting your own online store. If you use a wholesaler who offers drop shipping, you don't even need to maintain an inventory.  To find out more about drop shipping, go to the website for WorldWide Brands. They offer free downloadable ebooks and videos to help you get started.

  15. profile image35
    Nonauthorityfigurposted 14 years ago

    Yes there are real at home work positions I have actually found two of them

  16. profile image50
    Seoloverposted 14 years ago

    Get jobs now

  17. profile image51
    workfromhomeindiaposted 14 years ago

    I want to add my suggestion, there are no real work from home jobs are available, if you really want some work from home jobs then you have to try yourself for getting freelance jobs, I want to give my suggestion that never pay any registration fees to any website, it will just waste your time n efforts


  18. profile image48
    saimaaposted 14 years ago

    If you want to make money online, then you should be relieved to hear that there are ways to make money online while working from home. After all, what can be more freeing than learning that you can earn a salary
    from anywhere in your home while taking care of your house and children. In fact, many people want to learn how to make money online simply so that they can start working from home and stay with their children.
    For detail just visit our site:

  19. Carl Solf profile image60
    Carl Solfposted 14 years ago

    I know exactly how you feel, over the last 3 years I have tried many so called money making programs and wasted a lot of time and money until I came across. Stephen Pierce MRMI Super Cash membership which gives people the ongoing support they need as they create online businesses from their homes yet it is also priced very economically so that it can fit most any budget. The initial fee is only $1, plus as a bonus you can get his "Make Real Money on the Internet" for Free just pay postage. For more information go to

  20. profile image53
    dovekellyposted 14 years ago

    Check this link your all problems will be solved

  21. lionlabby profile image62
    lionlabbyposted 14 years ago

    hi i have created this blog of money earning sites with personal proofs

  22. profile image56
    jessesue45posted 14 years ago

    i would really like to know that myself that why i put this hub out to try and find that out if you know anything let me know

  23. profile image48
    nagesh101posted 14 years ago

    Here is Real work at home business

  24. cote39 profile image58
    cote39posted 14 years ago

    Okay. you can try GDI has the info but if u want a direct link you can go to

    You have to WORK it can take at least a month or two before you see good results.

    The problem is that alot of people will call GDI a scam but its the same people who expect to be able to sit around and do NOTHING and make SOMETHING..
    Its bull.

    I use it, It works.

    you can try it , and if works it works

    if it dosent, try and work a little harder and be more paitent.

    that applys for ANY online job as well.

  25. profile image52
    kimshubposted 13 years ago

    Yes. There are some real companies that hire people to work from home. Check out my blog to find some REAL jobs you can work from home at Updates are made daily.

  26. 5institutes profile image69
    5institutesposted 13 years ago

    Wow, am I ever late to this convo -

    I personally am on Elance as "JamestheJust" and have made a good part-time income (working full time during the day and staying up like a vampire).

    I'm now 100% on Elance, with a dozen or so websites in AdSense as well as affiliate product sales (average about $400 a month).

    My advice is to learn how to create a website (WordPress is incredibly user-friendly), and use it for affiliate product sales.

    Writing a review per product per page is a great way to close sales, and has worked great for me (when I actually get the time!).

    I've Hubbed about freelance writing, too, and my website has a couple of posts on getting work on Elance.

    I'd recommend Elance over the others since they have a $50 minimum on jobs - it's amazing how many internet marketers (like me, though I don't do this-->) try to take advantage of writers with $1-$3 articles.  Sorry. Not me...anyway: fully recommend them, or oDesk, Guru, Demand Studios...HubPages is a great way to make money, too...though I haven't yet here  smile

    Best of luck - although you asked the question over a year ago.

  27. simplelifelina profile image60
    simplelifelinaposted 13 years ago

    Yes there are real work from home jobs. Check out my hub on this topic … -find-them

  28. profile image0
    daisyhubposted 13 years ago

    Hi Ronnie. I have been researching this subject for years and have been scammed many times. I was so tired of it that I decided to make my job, researching companies to see if they are legitimate or not. Please go to my website where I have listed jobs that are legitimate and whom I currently earn money from. My website address is I promise that none of these jobs are scams. I update my work at home jobs on a weekly basis. Good luck and please let me know if you have any luck. Take care, Daisyhub.

  29. profile image53
    jenbacposted 13 years ago

    There are of course. I earned by making a blog and joining contextual advertising like this

  30. Dave Harris profile image68
    Dave Harrisposted 13 years ago

    Hi Ronnie, I am currently working from home as an artist specialising in portraits, movie scenes and military art. I have only been going for 18 months and made a £1,000 loss in the first year due to advertising and self promotion. Hopefully this second year will be better, but the ecomomic situation here in Britain, like elsewhere in the world,  is hard for people at the moment. Hopefully I will be successful, fingers crossed!

  31. bogerk profile image69
    bogerkposted 13 years ago

    I think there are ways to do it, and HubPages may even be one of them, it's just that it isn't as easy as people seem to think it is.

    Like succeeding in anything else, it takes time, effort, research persistence, etc., etc., etc.

    Good luck! I'm trying to figure it all out myself.

  32. craftybegonia profile image61
    craftybegoniaposted 13 years ago

    It depends on what you're looking for Ronnie. I worked online for several years for a publishing house located on another State (USA), but then I had worked at their offices before when I lived there. They just re-hired me to work over the net. I have since moved on. I have known people who have looked for such opportunities for years and have not found them. It is harder here than in Europe. If you can translate into another language (that's what I used to do), you can find reputable jobs online. If you can teach something, you can tutor. If you can offer technical support, or create websites for people, you pretty much have it made. Otherwise, you have so be selling something, and know where to go, so that you won't get robbed.
    I wish you well.

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