The Secret of My Success Part 2

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    my-success-guruposted 8 years ago

    One of the most impactful strategies for personal empowerment is to place frames on experiences that are uplifting. This powerful strategy is called reframing.

    Our greatest challenges can become our greatest opportunities if we simply step back and refocus with a new perception.

    Remember, nothing in this world really has any meaning, except the meaning we give it.

    Two distinct types of reframes are: context reframing and content reframing.

    Context reframing is taking a seemingly bad experience and transforming it into an incredible advantage with a new context Many great inventions have come into fruition as a result of reframing - do you know how Velcro was invented? It was invented by a Swiss engineer who was walking through the woods one day and noticed how those burdocks stuck to his pant legs. Instead of just viewing this like a nuisance like the rest of us, he reframed his experience. He saw the great potential for what we now call Velcro and has become a world wide phenomenon.

    How many people wouldn't have given those burdocks any thought other than seeing them as a nuisance and complain about their financial situation when they could have thought for a second Hmmmm could there be some good use for this?