What part of your internet marketing efforts would you like to automat

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    cphdomainsposted 8 years ago

    Tell me what would make you a happier marketer.

    We all know the feeling of having to do some dreadful task that we must do in order to get to the fun and interesting part of your internet marketing. This dreadful task can be all from working your network to writing sales copy to doing a relaunch of a product that you feel like you've spent enough time on already.

    For me personally, the part I would like the most not having to do is the work related to maintaining my PPC campaigns or my SEO for my websites. I like setting these things up, but the constant maintaining needed to get the most out of my PPC and SEO campaigns I find to be time consuming and in lack of a better word, boring.

    Tell me what's part of your marketing efforts you'd like to get rid of in order to make you a happier marketer?