What suggestions do you have to make a resume great but not too long and boring?

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    Maggie Singleposted 7 years ago

    What suggestions do you have to make a resume great but not too long and boring?

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    WendyWenchlyposted 7 years ago

    For better or worse, resumes are like passports that get you into the interview country.  So they have to show who you are in a page or two.

    When I review resumes, cleanliness is next to wendyness.  I don't mean a clean piece of paper (thought that helps) but a font that is easy to read, margins that don't almost fall of a page, and information broken down into easy to digest pieces.
    Remember that your resume might be one of twenty or so that a person is reading.  So the easier it is to read and comprehend, the better your chances.

    Action verbs and bullets are a good foundation.  Make a list of activities you have performed.  I was responsible for: xxxx and yyy and zzzz.  Then on your resume, list those things in short sentences starting with an action verb.  Those verbs/activities should match the job ad.  If the ad asks for sales experience,  get that word in wherever you can.  Netted 50% of department sales.  Acquired ten new client sales each month.  Reduced labor costs to increase sale profit.  See how those sentences tell what the applicant did?  They hit on the key elements of the job ad and are short but convey all the information needed. Don't say "I" did something.  It's your resume- we assume you did everything on it. 

    Every time you apply for a job, review the ad, extract the skills and experience that the ad requires then look at your resume.  Put the relevent skills you have on top of each job you list, and remove anything that isn't relevent or helpful if you need space.

    Keep in mind, the reviewer is scanning through that large pile of resumes at first, quickly deciding who will make it to the next round and who gets the thanks but no thanks blow off.  The more tightly you can package the information, with action items and matching keywords, the better your chances of making it past the first and hopefully all reviews.

    Good luck!!