WP plugin.....why it doesn't work for me???

  1. shanty5 profile image55
    shanty5posted 7 years ago

    WP plugin.....why it doesn't work for me???

    I've been reading some e-book about how simple blogging can be with wordpress and all the plugin that i must have for the blog that i write.....i've been blogging for more than 5 months but still i don't see any income flowing, atm i alredy use more than 20 plugin such as all in one seo pack,broken link checker,cb pingnet, etc.........can some guru on hub have an answer for this

  2. schttrj profile image61
    schttrjposted 7 years ago

    It seems your question is more about making money, rather than WP plugin working.

    Well, first things first. Answer the questions below.

    1) Are you getting traffic? If no, work on it first.

    2) Are your traffic converting into sales? Evidently no. If this is because of low traffic, work on your traffic plan. If this is against getting a steady traffic everyday, change the layout of your website and get in touch with a copywriter who can write some compelling sales copy for you(pointing towards myself!).

    There you go!