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If you were offered a job which would take you away from your family, would you

  1. Twins Mum profile image70
    Twins Mumposted 7 years ago

    If you were offered a job which would take you away from your family, would you take it?

    It's a real situation, I have to reply tomorrow.  But I´m not sure that I can leave the girls and my partner and see them only at weekends.  Is that the wrong decision in this day and age?

  2. Liberate profile image54
    Liberateposted 7 years ago

    Well, Your Job Is Simply Being A Farther, Being There Soul And Pride, Continuing By The Side.

    Family Is A Gift, Not Everyone Is Blessed With...

  3. eastexplorer profile image60
    eastexplorerposted 7 years ago

    Hey there Twins Mum,

    it's a very difficult question to answer. It's also a very personal one. Obviously you are very close to your family as we all are. But there are a lot of factors that effect this situation as in. How old are your kids? Is the income at this job location "enough" to separate you from your family? If so then it might be a good idea, but you have to ensure that you feel comfortable with the family being without you. It's a tough choice to make. Try take all factors into consideration.

    I wish you all the best at which ever choice you make!

  4. profile image49
    faheem14posted 7 years ago

    Well , There is one thing If your family need your finaical help then go for it, But make sure that you will meet them at weekends. Your father has done everything for you now it is your turn.

  5. Twins Mum profile image70
    Twins Mumposted 7 years ago

    eastexplorer, thanks for your good wishes.  It's the hardest decision.  The girls are only one and to think about not seeing them every morning...the biggest plus about taking the job is the security, so that's the trade-off.  I don't think I´m going to have made a decision when they call for the answer.

  6. wilderness profile image97
    wildernessposted 7 years ago

    To me, the only reason to do that would be to keep starvation at bay or to keep my home and even the home is questionable.  My children need me more than they need toys and so does my wife.  And I need them more than more toys or fancy cars and TV sets.

    A marriage relationship will suffer greatly through such separation and the chances of it ending are simply too great.

    My family is more precious to me than almost anything that extra money could buy.  A few months away might be acceptable (move the family to me ASAP?),  but a long term separation would definitely not.