why does a person just promoted to management have to act like a jackass

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    danghappy2posted 7 years ago

    why does a person just promoted to management have to act like a jackass

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    AndieCZposted 7 years ago

    The promotion to the managerial job position is always a challenge, both for the new manager and the subordinates.

    The new manager has no experience with the management and leadership, just has the experience, how he or she was managed. The previous manager always build the basic pattern for the behavior of the new manager.

    As the new manager wants to be successful right in the beginning, he or she starts to act quickly with no clear vision and goals in mind. When the new manager is not coached and mentored by the senior manager, he or she makes many faults. When he or she is lucky, some of the subordinates have courage enough to provide the useful feedback.

    Otherwise, you have to be patent ... the new manager will learn, how to manage the team of former colleagues.

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    GNelsonposted 7 years ago

    Promotion of a person who was a hard worker and knew his job is usually a good thing.  Promotion of someone who sucked up to management and didn't do their job is usually a bad thing.  The reason is that they think that you are out there doing what they did.  Your guy probably didn't know his job well and spent their time sucking up.  He most likely won't do well in management.  It will take a while because whoever promoted  them won't want to admit they made a mistake.  Unless they change they will eventually fail.