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can i sue a company after a jobsite accident?

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    roberts3posted 7 years ago

    can i sue a company after a jobsite accident?

    i revieved a tramanic brain injury on the job and was wondering if i can sue the company?

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    jamed28posted 7 years ago

    Of course you can. All companies are responsible on your safety on a jobsite at all time.

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    roberts3posted 7 years ago

    okay, after being place on WCB can i still have that right to sue?

  4. Lisa HW profile image74
    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    That's really a question you need to ask an attorney, licensed to practice in your state.  Lawsuits are usually all about whether there is permanent damage of some sort and whether someone was negligent.  Attorneys will often offer something like a free 30-minute consultation about the case you think you may have.  They'll either tell you they think you have one that's worth pursuing, or they don't think you do.  If you don't like what one says, ask another one.  Other than that, your state's Bar Association may have something like an online referral site to attorneys who will answer a question like this.  There are just too many variables and things a person would need to know about the law for anyone to really be able to give  you a solid answer, based on the information here (especially if the answer were coming from someone who isn't a lawyer).

  5. justom profile image68
    justomposted 7 years ago

    You can sue anybody for anything but it seems like your trauma has not affected you much by this ?.

  6. LIFE IS ABOUT profile image57
    LIFE IS ABOUTposted 7 years ago

    depends on the state, every state is different. consult a lawyer or look up your state laws on your own, If you live in nevada the answer is no.