Network Marketing Mentor? Do You Really Need One?

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  1. Neil Ashworth profile image45
    Neil Ashworthposted 8 years ago

    Network Marketing Mentor? Do You Really Need One?

    There are a growing number of network marketers offering their services as a mentor as a way to generate extra income, recruit team members and ultimately build their business but with so much focus on teaching others into their coaching programmes the question has to be, can they actually build a business in the real world or are they simply teaching without doing?

  2. PatricksPlan profile image55
    PatricksPlanposted 8 years ago

    I think its important to have a strong mentor in an MLM aka Network Marketing program.  They can give you the guidance on how to build on your business and how to address problems as they arise.

    I believe that there are a lot of people out there that are teaching without doing.  If you find yourself in that situation its best to look to their mentor or up-line or whatever your MLM calls it in order to find someone who is knowledgable in the business.  Continue to search in your up-line until you find a person that knows what they are doing.

  3. protrader profile image56
    protraderposted 7 years ago

    Personally, I'm really tired of all this "life coach"/mentor crap, especially in Network Marketing. Guys are fleecing the masses and exploiting those who would be content just to glom on to some kind of short cut method. My take is that there are no short cuts in life or business. Where Network Marketing is concerned, the end user should perhaps be more careful about who they choose as their sponsor/leader.

    Okay, maybe I'm being a bit cynical, but if short cuts are what they (the masses) are interested in, then I guess they deserve their fate; that of an outcome usually less than desirable.

    Looking at it from a different perspective, I suppose then I'll pin it on the end user and suggest that they ask this very question: Do I really need a mentor? No.

    Thanks, Neil for posing the question.

    (LOL, and... for giving me a reason to post one of my favorite mentoring pics wink

  4. Neil Ashworth profile image45
    Neil Ashworthposted 7 years ago

    protrader - I'd agree, there are far too many self-proclaimed coaches out there who believe that by setting up a blog and a facebook profile they have earned the right to call themselves online business mentors.

    Great picture by the way.

  5. Internet Secrets profile image59
    Internet Secretsposted 7 years ago

    this is a two part answer to the quesion about do you need a mentor for network marketing.

    If you know the profession of netwrk marketing inside out and understand how it all works then the answer is no!

    But if you do not understand the profession of network marketing then you need a mentor!

    Every good leader has a mentor to help guide them through the process of network marketing. WHY is this because network marketing is not like any type of business that people start online or offfline.

    There are serval ways to make money and to build a large organization. Network marketing is The People's Franchise where you are able to set up a bbusiness for no money or very little so there is little risk involved.

    Unlike where you buy into a regular franchise like Mcdonalds you would have to pay a lot of money for there name and marketing program plus royalities to pay.

    Network you will need many good mentors to follow and to learn from:  Mentorship -> Coaching -> Leadership -> Training your downline correctly -> Building your orgranization -> Helping you downline to succeed -> Will build a strong foundation to a long lasting network marketing business for many years to come.

  6. hotwebideas profile image75
    hotwebideasposted 7 years ago

    Good question, I think a lot of people do not have experience as a network marketer and could use a mentor. It is the whole MLM mentality that confuses people who could use a mentor.

    However, I agree with your question about teaching without doing. That just does not work. If I hire a mentor, he/she better be able to do the work and show me a track record.

    Just my 2 cents,


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