INFLUENCE (and How To Get It)

  1. Larry Hochman profile image59
    Larry Hochmanposted 10 years ago


    We all want it. 

    Some for different purposes than others.

    Some want to attract customers or clients.  Some want to get people to do things that serve their own interests, or that of someone else they regard.

    Some want to attract a partner, spouse, child, big sack o' money, etc.

    Whatever you want it for, it's all good.  I want you to get it.

    BUT... you'll have to influence people, circumstances and your own emotional state to attract that which you desire.

    You won't control any of these, since they have their own points of attraction and their own inclinations.  But you do get to influence them to a certain state of being...even the intangible things.

    So how do you get influence?  Simple.  Be your most powerful, authentic self.  Let others see you for who you really are, even if you're a work in progress (and at the beginning stages).

    See, much of the literature about influence and attraction has to do with manipulating circumstances, people and events through tricky stuff.

    I suppose that works, but only for the short term.  Hey, we're all reading the same books.  How To Win Friends And Influence People has been out in the field for a while!

    So has The Art of Seduction.  We're all picking up on that.

    Letting people see you at your most powerful, and leaning into the sometimes neglected parts of your personality makes others stand up and take notice.  "Hey, here comes an original!"   

    I had a great example of this today.  I went to the gym this morning after a night of little sleep.  While there my thoughts were firing off differently than usual.  I was so tired that I wasn't monitoring myself as closely as usual.

    Along came a woman I've known for years.  Instead of my usual detached kind of hug, I got a real squeeze and warm kiss on the cheek.

    I hadn't said anything to her.  I'm sure it was the vibration of being utterly myself that attracted the different response.  We had a great discussion for nearly an hour in which both of us learned some real good stuff.

    After that I manifested a conversation with a guy I'd always admired but never talked much with.  He's a body builder who to be in the U.S. Army Special Forces.  He also built up a real estate empire using the original "no money down" methods of Robert Allan.  Another great conversation, another new friend to study and learn from.

    People want you to be your authentic self - to let all your energy and love pour out.  At least the ones you'd want in your world desire this from you.

    The ones who don't?  Don't worry about them.  They'll probably gossip about you and tell others what a looney you've become.

    And if they do, someone who you would like in your life will be listening...and seek you out as a person of INFLUENCE!