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How do I improve the number of clicks I get, as of now I have none.

  1. Tobster1 profile image57
    Tobster1posted 7 years ago

    How do I improve the number of clicks I get, as of now I have none.

    In my adsence account plenty of page impressions but no clicks how is this possible also the only earnings I see is 0.01 Thank you for any support you can give please fill free to check out my hubs at tobster1 profile. I do appreciate any feedback.

  2. steffer profile image59
    stefferposted 7 years ago

    It all takes time to build up your adsense ads revenue, it is quite normal to have no clicks, when you start out, 4 hubs, isn't directly going to make you much money to start with

    2th, your hub needs some time to get ranked in the search engines, so if that isn't the case yet, you won't get much visitors unless from hubpages itself, so less traffic, less click trough.

    The $0,01 thing you see in your account, is the CPM, or cost per impression, this entails, that you get $ 0,01 for every 1000 page impressions in total. So, when your 4 hubs get a total of 1000 views, you get the $0,01. When people click on an adsense ad on your hub, that money comes on top of the CPM.

    To get a bunch of ad clicks, you need to build up your content, what i mean by that, is when you have 4 hubs, you get let's say 20 views or impressions per day. And maybe 1 click per week.

    When you have 200 hubs, you get at least 400 views per day, so way more chances to get clicks.

    Hope this helped you out a bit. If you need more info, you can always visit my profile, you'll find plenty of adsense related hubs.

    Best regards

  3. The Pink Panther profile image68
    The Pink Pantherposted 7 years ago

    The only thing you can really do is create more hubs on high traffic but low competition keywords, and so some SEO to rank in google.

    Once you start getting larger amounts of traffic you'll start to see more clicks.

    Hope this helps!  smile

  4. profile image0
    BenjaminBposted 7 years ago

    Checked out your Hubs just real quickly to see a few thing Tobster1,here are some recommendations.

    #1 Put up a picture on your profile. Blank Man in my opinion does not let the reader connect to you. Look at me I'm a goofy looking bastard,but I look the part of most of what I write about so it's all good.

    #2 Use the tags section to put some relevant tags up. Your hubs are about horse training yet you have no tags relevant to that subject matter.

    #3 Take advantage of the literally thousands of Hubs here that will teach you how to structure your Hubs to properly target your main keywords. You can also learn how to find the keywords with the best earnings potential.

    #4 Also learn from other Hubs how to promote your Hubs.

    I could go on forever here,lol,up to you to put the work in that's needed to make money. Good Luck!

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