Which company would you work for in North Dakota in the Bakken oil patch , Drivi

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    BobWebbposted 7 years ago

    Which company would you work for in North Dakota in the Bakken oil patch , Driving ? work over?...

    I am being offered several driving jobs in the Stanley area , and I am not sure who to hook up with for the best Bad Lands Training, I like you worked the fields in 80-82 and went on to start my own buisness, but the economy has put me back in the work force again and ND is Hirring....

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    Ghost32posted 7 years ago

    I've not worked the Bakken and thus can't tell you much about who's best (or worst) to work for...except this:  When it comes to the oilpatch, the best job you can get is with the first guy that will hire you.  Once you're working, if that employer is a real pain, hey, from driving to workover roughneck work, hands talk. 

    My more recent endeavors (patch-wise) were in Colorado, and with a Colorado-only boss, so when it comes to North Dakota....

    But heck, if you've got several offers, trust your gut.  I know that works--but have never had that luxury (of being able to pick from several). 

    When it comes to driving, one good benchmark is always to check out their equipment.  I personally favor heavily reinforced International tractors over any others for offroad work; others like Petes or even Macks....

    Going back to the 80s for a moment:  I found out enough about Halliburton the night before I interviewed to let me give enough of the right answers to get hired...did that by talking to a lady driver who happened to be washing her truck in the steam bay at their Glendive yard.  If you can possibly get to Stanley and actually sniff around for even a day or so, bet you could get a pretty good feel for who are the big dogs and who are just...dogs.

    Best of luck in your decision making.