Is it deframation or retaliation if a boss told you she would rehire you & told

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    webejammin04posted 7 years ago

    Is it deframation or retaliation if a boss told you she would rehire you & told potential employers

    something different?I left my job when I got married and moved too far to commute. I gave a two week notice and was told by my boss that she wanted me to leave that day and she accepted my notice and would pay me for the two weeks.  On the exit interview she said really kind things about me and when I asked her if she would give me a good recommendation, she said, of course. She also said if I ever wanted to come back she would surely hire me back in a minute because of the asset I had been to the department.

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    vettergtposted 7 years ago

    I assume the former employer has said negative things to companies for which you have applied.  The question is was this untruthful information.  For instance, if you were in charge of sales and they said your sales dropped each year and they actually did, then I could see where it was legal.  Furthermore, if they mention you were often late to work and you were and they documented this, then this would be legal.  But, it is my understanding that if they do not document the negative behaviors of which you have accused, then they never existed and thus you may have the opportunity to sue.  This assumes that the only reason you did not get the job is because of the former employers lies and that may be awfully hard to prove in a court of law.  (Just because it is true may not mean that it is something that can be proven)