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How do I choose ads/products from google/amazon to advertise on my hub?

  1. veronicanotes profile image58
    veronicanotesposted 7 years ago

    How do I choose ads/products from google/amazon to advertise on my hub?

    I've tried looking through the tutorials but just can't seem to make sense of all the "lingo" and tech terms.  Help! I see you've posted quite a few helpful hubs but I just am not getting it!  I've already joined adsense and amazon associates and I managed to get a link to a product from amazon, but where do I paste it?  And does google work the same way or is it just pure ads with them?  Uugghh.  I've spent two days searching and such and I just kind find the help I need.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Veronica.

  2. freecampingaussie profile image60
    freecampingaussieposted 7 years ago

    You are best to use the keywords on Amazon so if your hub is on cats type in cats & pick the products they show you . much easier that way !
    Hope this helps you.

  3. wychic profile image90
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    You can't pick products on Google. As for Amazon, I personally recommend NOT using the keyword setting, because then you just never know what is going to be showing in your ads down the road. I am working on a video tutorial specifically showing how to set ads along with tips on how I pick my ads, but with my crazy work schedule it could be a couple of days until it's posted. If you're willing to be patient, it may be useful smile.

  4. Sweetsusieg profile image85
    Sweetsusiegposted 7 years ago

    ok first things first - Breathe - in through the nose - out through the mouth - repeat.

    Open Hubpages in a new window (so you can refer back to this) Click my account, click on the earnings tab then you will see 'Google AdSense  - click on configure, this is where you put in your code. (copy and paste is the easiest)  google will place ads according to your title and URL (and how ever else they have designed it - you do nothing more)

    Do the same thing with your Amazon code. 

    In order to use items on you Hub from Amazon you should write at least 50 words regarding the product, you may refer to this Hub to get an idea

    When writing a sales Hub - you can assemble your capsules first or as you go.

    Make a text capsule, put in your words, click save.   then align the cursor by the text again and look over, you will see an Amazon tab.  Click on that, when you click edit it will ask you for specific links or choose keywords.  If you choose keywords you will get a selection (you can choose the number of items you want to see).  Once you click save then you can click the green arrow to align it next to your text.

    Hope this was helpful!!