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What and how can I do something about a boss that makes comments on my work eva

  1. graebear profile image69
    graebearposted 6 years ago

    What and how can I do something about a boss  that makes comments on my work evals that are not true

  2. Mcham Law profile image57
    Mcham Lawposted 6 years ago

    do you have an HR department? how about an employee handbook? Hopefully you've got some options to appeal. If you have to go over his or her head to the next level to complain.

  3. graebear profile image69
    graebearposted 6 years ago

    I went to HR and they told me that I need to  forgive myself and stop bringing any of this up ..and then went to Department of labor and they called the Hospital HR and told them to remove all that was discriminating and against the law . So my boss and HR used a black marker and crossed/blacken out all the things about my handicap child and other things that are not true  in my files and left it there for all to see  now . I have been unemployed since 2009 Dec .EEOC was no help either .and no one will go up against the Hospital either. Approx 203 people have loss there jobs since Dec 2009 in a similar  reasons of using FLMA and Medical Insurance . I copied my files before they were marked and then after .. and I am having a hard time finding a job .. Oh I am a nurse and had no med errors nor was I late one time for work in 10 years of working there .

  4. onegoodwoman profile image76
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    It is no longer enough to do the least that is required.............

    PLEASE, read and study the job boards.

    You MUST be an all around hand , willing to roll up your sleaves.............

    I simply, do not have the patience to tell you of all that I see............

    complainers go to the back of the line..................those who jump in there and do more than is required of their job description ( cooks taking out trash or washing dishes) deserve my loyality.   THEY will get the hours during budget cuts.

    Your BOSS is looking at these things............NOT whether you have missed a shift, doing the minimum that is required of you.