"Participative" or "Autocratic" - Which Leadership Style do we Need?

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    ThunderKeysposted 6 years ago

    "Participative" or "Autocratic" - Which Leadership Style do we Need?

    Which Leadership Style do we need to get us out of the current financial crisis - "Participative" or "Autocratic"? Why is one more relevant than the other right now?


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    Nick Lucasposted 6 years ago

    we need an authentic combination of both styles.  I say authentic because Mr. Obama has claimed many times that he wants to be participative...just in other words.....but only wants to be or only is when others go along with what he wants.  When they do not he ignores them and does what he thinks is best regardless of opposition.  We need a leader who will listen to what people want but at the same time be willing to act alone when neccessary but in the best interest of the country....in other words what the majority wants and not just special interest

  3. b2b-sales-europe profile image60
    b2b-sales-europeposted 6 years ago

    Is leadership what we are lacking? I think we have a lot so called leaders. Leadership style is not an answer from my point of view.  We need people taking responsibilties for their actions, we need makers and shakers knowing that they risk something while trying to shape the world. The imbalance between responsiblities and possibilities leads to irresponsible actions.
    We need more entrepreneurs, people with visions and not people looking for a well paid job (hop, hop)!