Which do you concider the more profitable social media sites?

  1. Laura in Denver profile image79
    Laura in Denverposted 6 years ago

    Which do you concider the more profitable social media sites?

    Hi, I am "Laura in Denver" on HubPages or http://laura-in-denver.hubpages.com/ and I have been disappointed with their disruption of sales of an e-book on ClickBank. Since then, I have come to hate ClickBank, as you do.

    I would like your opinion of Squidoo, Stumbleupon and several of the others. I see you are in NY, and am under a "Amazon Law", which the idiots in CO passed last year. Amazon, Overstock and other vendors did not fire those in NY, but they did in CO, affectining 4200 people. I am looking for a profitable writing career under these strange conditions.

    Have you any advise?


  2. AnishG profile image60
    AnishGposted 6 years ago

    You basically want to sell your eBook, right? I'd say e-junkie is a good alternative to Clickbank, for vendors. Only problem with e-junkie, perhaps, is that they don't have a huge affiliate base (well they do, but I think only a few are 'active' affiliates). So mainly you're gonna have to promote/market your ebook yourself. If you're fine with that, go with e-junkie. Payment processing, etc. is pretty smooth.