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How can someone earn a supplemental income when they live full-time in an RV and

  1. Howard S. profile image88
    Howard S.posted 6 years ago

    How can someone earn a supplemental income when they live full-time in an RV and move frequently?

    I'm thinking of folks who move every few weeks, generally not staying in one place longer than three months.

  2. msorensson profile image72
    msorenssonposted 6 years ago

    Oh..dear I wish I knew how to answer your question...but I have no idea..

  3. cabmgmnt profile image85
    cabmgmntposted 6 years ago

    hubpages, online surveys, Mturk...many ways to earn money online.

  4. Conservative Lady profile image73
    Conservative Ladyposted 6 years ago

    You might look in to becoming an instructor for an online University program. You must have a degree of some kind. It is definitely a job you can do from the road. Good Luck to you!

  5. sonnynoregon profile image57
    sonnynoregonposted 6 years ago

    Well, this is what I would do, I would go where  the snow byrds go and sell my
    Jewelry that is handmade. I would write a book of my adventures while on the road.
    I would work on my computer selling merchandise from wholesale companies  and make some extra cash. I am sure you could think of a million ideas to make a supplement income while living in your RV

  6. movingrightalong profile image58
    movingrightalongposted 6 years ago

    Of course a popular answer here would be HubPages, but would you have a constant Internet connection? I mean, there would always be libraries and coffee shops I suppose.

    Anyhow, here are a few other ways to earn a supplemental income:

    1) Donate plasma. This is something that you can do as long as you meet certain health criteria. No, you can't actually sell your plasma, you donate it, but most places pay you for your time. You can do this a couple of times a week, which could earn you a couple of hundred bucks a month. Not bad for laying back on a couch and watching TV for an hour each time. As an added bonus you'd be helping save lives!

    2) Collect and recycle scrap metal. No, don't go around stealing copper from pipes and air conditioning units, but if you find junk metal, aluminum cans, etc, you can collect these and bring them to a recycling center. You'd be surprised at how easy this is, how quickly you could raise a little bit of money, and how much you'd be helping the environment.

    3) Clinical research studies are another way to make money. You have to be careful though as some of these may ask you to take experimental medication, but some of them do pay quite handsomely. If you qualify, and if you can stick around for the entire time of the study (some are just a few days, some last months, others last quite longer), you can make anywhere from a few bucks to thousands of dollars.

    Well, these are just a few things I can think of. Good luck, and safe travels!

  7. beagrsv profile image59
    beagrsvposted 6 years ago

    Great question Howard. I just published a hub that touches on this. You can visit here if you like: http://hubpages.com/t/2e646f
    Either way they can start their own site  or hubs or lens centered around their particular interests and likes just like people here do and if they continue to learn and realize it will not happen in an instant then they are their way.
    Just starting to write is a huge step!