What is the best office prank you have pulled on someone?

  1. FaithDream profile image81
    FaithDreamposted 6 years ago

    What is the best office prank you have pulled on someone?

    Some days feel like they will never end. Instead of watching the clock, some people like to prank jokes for a good laugh. If the company's culture has allowed it, what is the best office prank you or someone has pulled on another coworker?

  2. Jessi10 profile image74
    Jessi10posted 6 years ago

    When I was working as a secretary, I used to have a lot of free time. WHen I got too bored at the office, one of the bosses and I used to eat left over food from breakfast from that very day. One day, I finished all of my work around noon, and I stil had to wait until 5 to go home.
    While I waited, I convinced one of the bosses to HIDE all of the food in the kitchen of the office, and have nothing but water in the fridge.
    When it was LUNCH time, people RUSHED to the kitchen., and scrambled around to find ANYTHING to eat.. Every time someone went to the kitchen and searched for food, we stood in the doorway, and ate the food.

    The entire day, no one knew why WE had food, and no one else did..
    The tales of bored secretaries! LOL