Hi pageantgirl. I recently became interested in herbalife but have some questio

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    raheltesfayposted 5 years ago

    Hi pageantgirl.  I recently became interested in herbalife but have some questions.

    I've already received my "business package" but I am not happy with the gimmicks u have to go thru just to promote and I am not happy with my mentors either.  I am a hardworking, motivated, social butterfly and want to do it my way and feel like if I take people thru those "cheesy" steps, I will lose them nor do I want to.   How can I get plugged in w/ the right mentors? and is there a way to dropship w/out having to have all those products @ my home? Also, are you no longer with herbalife, if so, why not? if you don't mind me asking..

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    TeamHERBALIFExoxposted 4 years ago

    I'm not sure who your distributor or wellness coach is but I'm part of the best team. No gimmicks. Just simple steps: use the products, see results, talk about your results, wear the product. You should be the product of your products. Trust when I first ordered my products my distributor was HORRIBLE! I talked to my friend (now herbafam) about the situation and now I'm a distributor. True I fell off but that was my insecurity. Now I'm back and ready as ever. I love going to the H.O.M because they be hype. I just be like WOW but I love it. Where are you from? I'm in Texas! We should link up!