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Has computerization robbed the search for employment of the personality factor?

  1. citywolf profile image69
    citywolfposted 4 years ago

    Has computerization robbed the search for employment of the personality factor?

    How have employment posting services such as: Craigslist, Monster and Indeed altered the job market for both employers and employees? Do these search engines derail the process of finding the proper person for the proper job?


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    WhiteMuseposted 4 years ago

    I don't think that is exactly true but partly in a way. The old way of looking for work with a newspaper and going out to interviews would give you more of a chance to use your personality. This way they just see a resume half of the time. It is different and to me a bit trying.

    We used to also be able to pass the tests. Everything is in the employer's favor now. It was true in a way before. There was more opportunity before to me. But then I worked all around New York City and SF etc. Phoenix really has nothing. There are still some places that you can just go in and try to interview.

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    Casimiroposted 4 years ago

    Some of those allow video resumes, don't they? In any case, you can always create a webpage, blog, or something to display yourself more personally. Seeing opportunity in obstacles was one thing I looked at whenever I got tagged as hiring manager.

  4. citywolf profile image69
    citywolfposted 4 years ago

    The problem is that a job deficit does exist; meaning that there are open skilled jobs  employers are unable to match with the qualified applicant. The correct potential employee, may be put off by the posting or feel that they are not qualified, overqualified ect. All problems that could be solved be a visit or a phone inquiry, but that avenue has been cut off. Employers that would rather just have a newspaper ad and have people come by don't want to put their posting in a place where they will no longer get a response. By not meeting applicants face to face employers may miss the qualified applicant, who also possesses the primary skill needed to do most any job: can get along with others. In my experience employees who lack this grade school skill are almost always doomed to fail.