Do you love your job or do you brainwash yourself to believe you do so you can s

  1. tsadjatko profile image59
    tsadjatkoposted 4 years ago

    Do you love your job or do you brainwash yourself to believe you do so you can survive it?

    Or maybe you brainwash yourself to like it because you are good at it and making lots of money but you know if you were honest with yourself you wouldn't be able to keep doing it. Do you feel trapped or is your job truly a blessing, or maybe both? Maybe neither. Have you ever stopped to really think about it? Maybe it's time you did.

  2. profile image0
    Old Poolmanposted 4 years ago

    Being retired, I may be disqualified from answering this question, but I worked for many years to reach this goal.
    I had lots of jobs in my lifetime.  Some I loved, some I hated.  I found that those that paid the most money were the jobs I disliked the most.  I spent over 20 years in the Corporate world doing jobs I despised.  So why did I stay?  Because I had children to feed and educate, and the pay and benefits were great is my answer.  Because these were traveling jobs, I spent more time flying from place to place than I did with my family.
    After taking early retirement from the Corporate job, I started my own business.  That was the most enjoyable job I ever had.  I was responsible for everything and called all of the shots.  I took the blame for the failures and the credit for the success's.
    If I had it to do over again, I would have started my own business the day I was discharged from the Army.

  3. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    Having thought about it in the past this question is very difficult to answer. I would say in a humble view "my" job was not ever my profession nor the work I performed for pay. Not trying to take a religious view I used to play a game saying "Job" is 'Job' regarding the book. In essence the commitment to a profession whether with one or more places of employment is life being taken away metaphorically as was Job's.

    The blessing of the return of self, husband / wife, family, and lands is received in the end. Again, metaphorically or allegorically that just may be retirement. Or, having time to enjoy what was accomplished, achieved, accumulated, and etc. I know that sounds odd, yet I see parallels.

    When people told me they hated their job I would propose they do  not and only hated either their work or the environment they performed their work within. Hating their "job" would be hating their life no matter how the cards were dealt. I did hate places of employment with its particular unique social and power structures, yet was thrilled to do the work I liked doing or loved if that word is chosen.

    I tolerated the negative. The value of the recompense of pay for services rendered was worth the gain personally with life style choices or building toward the vision of a future or the blessing of having "my" envisionment of life as a child returned.

    In essence we are employed not owned at least in the U.S and most places. Yet, with employment does come regulation, social and power structures, job tasks - duties - responsibilities, and of course meeting the demands or requirements of the position or multiple positions.

    Each defined position has a set value. Loyalty to the place of employment is met with privilege and rewards such as cost of living increases, performance pay increases (usually with more responsibility thus higher demands), more off time for R & R, and etc. Those are set by the business hierarchy or managing structure. They are determined based on value to the bottom line increasing business worth. With "business" the bottom line concept will never go away whether private, government, or charitable.

    Brain washed . . . if I was brain washed I did the wash. I giggle now thinking of that old saying "it always comes out in the wash." I am sure other cultures and religions have similar stories as in the book of Job that can be metaphors for living life as an employee.


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