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IS squidoo a waste of time?

  1. Swope profile image60
    Swopeposted 4 years ago

    IS squidoo a waste of time?

  2. Everyday Miracles profile image87
    Everyday Miraclesposted 4 years ago

    Not necessarily.

    I've had a hard time at Squidoo recently because my income dropped off quite suddenly without any good explanation. My lensranks didn't change dramatically, but my income did, and to this day I'm not sure exactly what happened. Several people have complained of similar on Hubpages, but my results have been quite the opposite (sudden dramatic increase in hub traffic notwithstanding, I was doing well before I started getting 4k hits a day on a single hub).

    My issue with Squidoo is that everything changes with too much regularity. I understand the reason that they change things and adapt to the new way that people use the Internet, but I feel like the changes that they're making aren't productive and don't move the site forward. If they were, I believe everyone would be making more money.

    Recently I was told that I was being dropped from the Giant Squid program unless I wrote three lenses of particular types. One of those had to be a recipe. Now I don't cook -- my husband and our room mate both cook so I don't have to if I don't want to -- and I'm not the type of person who would experiment much with foods to begin with. In other words, I don't have my own recipes, and I come from a long line of cook book users. My mother cooks everything by the book and her mother before her did the exact same thing. With few exceptions, the only way that I'm going to post a recipe lens is if I've found a recipe somewhere and I plagiarize it.

    While I'm quite certain that Squidoo will -- eventually -- realize that this is a mistake, it makes me not want to produce content for them right now. That's fine, since I'm doing quite well on Hubpages (up to over $1 on a brand-new account and steadily growing there and on this account as well).

    At some point in the future, I'm sure that the pendulum will swing the other way and I'll be more successful on Squidoo than on Hubpages (as has been the case in the past. Then I'll work more on Squidoo than on Hubpages until it swings back the other way.

    Because ultimately -- sorry to say -- I'm here for the money.

  3. LucidDreams profile image72
    LucidDreamsposted 4 years ago

    I would suggest Squidoo is like most other content article websites. It's a continual struggle for website admins to stay ahead of algo changes. The most important aspect is to see what they are doing to control quality. Hubpages has seen this same drop in traffic and penalties over the past couple of years.

  4. WriterJanis profile image74
    WriterJanisposted 4 years ago

    I don't think so. Granted, tier payments have really gone down, but there is still money to be made. I read a website earlier about a Squidoo member who made $750 last payout. She used to earn in the thousands each month. Yes, it's a huge drop, but with the way things are going on online writing sites, I would be happy to earn that on Squidoo each month.

  5. UpixxIndustries profile image49
    UpixxIndustriesposted 3 years ago

    I believe that it just depends on what you are trying to do with your Squidoo lenses? If you are trying to just write for them then I would say yes it could develop into a colossal waste of time.  However if you use it in conjunction with hub pages and other social networking sites and say maybe that you only write one lens a week or even every other week, then no. 

    You see you may want to look at Squidoo as a way to get organic traffic from them.  You can do this by adding a link into your profile with the website address of your choice. Although individuals are currently experiencing a loss of cash flow through them, that does not mean that the major search engines (google, bing, yahoo) has lost any love for quality content that is found in them. 

    This is just a personal choice that you must ask.  You may want to write a list of goals that you want to attain by using Squidoo so that you can track your progress. Good luck.