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What is your best SEO tip?

  1. drpennypincher profile image94
    drpennypincherposted 3 years ago

    What is your best SEO tip?

    What is the single most important thing you can do to boost your traffic from search engines?


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    Sumit Athanereposted 3 years ago

    In first, I want to give information to you that I am getting 2000 views/day after writing only 14 hubs. I have taken a look of your hub blog profile and there is a allocator of 10K. You are working since 16 months and I am working here on hub pages since 4 months only. Now I have 10K allocator and 47000 views. I will get 100K allocator in next 30 days.

    I have most traffic from Google Search Engine. If you want to make a successful blog then you cannot ignore Google. I am working on Search Engine Optimization technique since 3 years. In this period of last 3 years I get many harmful experiences.

    Everyone says that there are many things like user verification, good domain, domain age, age of page, attractive web designing and more. After doing all these things, many SEO workers says that write for aspect 80-100 views/day. But I want to say that all these things are nonsense.

    I think I am a best SEO worker and now after writing one article I aspect 500 page views per day from this article. Now I want to give the best way of SEO technique. Get a step by step knowledge about to write an article and get more than 500 page views/day from this article. These steps are as:
                1. Think about a topic-
    You have to select most common topic for most common person. There are a lot of visitors who are not an engineer or web designer. Think that there are about 90% visitors are most common person and searching for their daily life problems. This is most important step. Your compete article depends on the topic.
                2. Title and summary-
    After selecting a topic. Second step is to write a title and summary for article. You should use Google Keyword Planner to select high ranked keywords. Include these key words in title and summary.
                3. Body of the article-
    You have to imagine a structure of the article in your mind. We can make it better by writing "subtitles" in first. Keep this thing in mind that write title in "H1" heading fonts and subtitles in "H2" heading. Each subtitle must contain 2 paragraphs of proper length about 100-150 words. Google fetch this information and give extra benefits to your article. A complete article should be well written and containing approximately 2000 words or more and no grammar mistakes.
                 4. Use Images and tables-
    This step will boost your traffic. We should include 8-10 quality images and write a good caption of each image. A good and high rated article should contain at least 1 or 2 tables.
    I hope, you will love it.

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      drpennypincherposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Summit, thanks for the tips and congratulations on your fast start on HubPages!

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    SEOSMOPPCposted 3 years ago

    Be natural, very natural in content creation and marketing. Keep SEO out of your mind and write for the people. Junk the links, joke with followers and fans.