Some PT workers make more money than FT workers due to healthcare subsidies. Tr

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    brakel2posted 3 years ago

    Some PT  workers make more money than FT workers due to healthcare subsidies. True/false? Why?

    This opinion originates with economists who have studied issue.

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    Larry Wallposted 3 years ago

    Your question is hard to answer because they are a lot of variables. I got a health care subsidy for 2014 that was very generous. I personally paid an amount almost equal to the subsidy and I was able to buy the top of the line policy. That probably will not happen this year. Last year, I went half the year with virtually no income. The subsidy was based on my level of income and the number of people living in the house, three (self, wife and adult son who has disabilities). So my subsidy  may have been more than some single part time works, or a couple where only one had income . The subsidy was based on income and people in the house and had to match the prices insurance companies were charging. I went almost two years after being fired at the age of 59 and 23 years of service with virtually no insurance. I had to import medicine from Canada and incurred $19,000 in our of pocket expenses. I also had a $36,000 hospital stay that the hospital forgave because of my financial status. Was the system fair? I do not know. I know the amount of the subsidy was not based just on income, but I cannot tell you all the factors that went into that decision. Before Obamacare, I could not buy major medical health coverage because of my age and past health history (cholesterol and diabetes) both of which are under control through diet and medication. This probably does not answer  your question, but I am not sure there is a cut and dry answer.